Do you know where your vehicles are?

You can track your fleet using the web interface,
with whom you know where your vehicles are.

Unattended system

You do not have to deal with a paper log book, with a little help you can throw the paperwork behind your head. Everything is processed by an automated system.


Our services are not just for ease of paperwork. This can prevent theft of the vehicle as an additional alarm system with an auto alarm.

Temperature supervised

The perfect monitoring solution for wide use in logistics of refrigeration chains, freezers, refrigerators and other temperature-sensitive areas.


Easily manage the refueling of your vehicles and automatically assign refueling to driving.

Service planning

Simplify service scheduling, oil change, or regular MOT check-ups. Using an electronic scheduler.


The system automatically detects by means of an additional driver pendant, semi-trailers and the like.

Discover important information easily

Watch what you need. Everything at your fingertips!

Live data transmission

With our system you know where your vehicle is 24/7 wherever you are. With a maximum delay of 2 seconds.

Advanced tracking

The devices support live monitoring of consumption, engine speed, interior or cargo temperature, which are important for cost savings and service quality.

Cost savings

Fleet management is an administrative procedure that allows companies to organize and coordinate work vehicles in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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In cities, motorcycles reach places where other vehicles cannot, this can be the fastest way of transportation during peak hours. This transport has one drawback - it is an easy target for thieves. In most cases, a quick response to a theft attempt could save your valuable assets. With our solution, you will always have your current location, receive warnings if the motorcycle is moving or if the device has been disconnected from the battery.

Monitoring of persons

Family and health are a priority for most people, but not everyone has the opportunity to stay close to their elderly or sick relatives around the clock. They are very often dependent on quick help from others, but they cannot or cannot call for it. Today's technologies make it possible to solve or facilitate such situations considerably, and that is why we have gone in this direction.

Personal transport

Every year, there are at least
7 million stolen vehicles worldwide, and this number is steadily increasing, and traffic accident statistics are even higher. Real-time tracking makes it easy to alert you when a theft attempt or a crash is detected.

Freight transport

Modern logistics requires a lot of information to optimize your business, today it is not enough just to get the actual GPS coordinates of your vehicle. Thanks to fuel consumption, distance traveled and many other parameters you can monitor, you can control the cost of your fleet and thus save.

Monitoring of trailers

Nothing gives you more advantages in logistics than knowing the location of all your goods. Not everything is connected with trucks. The equipment is resistant to harsh environments and allows the temperature of the load to be measured. You can also monitor which truck is attached to the trailer to ensure the best organization of work in your fleet.

Transport by ship

It might seem that motorboats, boats or passenger vessels are luxury goods, but now more and more people are using this mode of transport. To ensure safety, we can offer you the usual tracking solutions designed for inland waterways such as boats, scooters.

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